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Canyons, rocks, and good times

We hit the road and made it down to bryce canyon after a nice drive through boulder.We watched the sunset at sunset point and I ran most of the navajo trail.  We then went and found a camp site and Charlie went to go for a walk up the hill were he ended up talking to Jason and Colleen.  That night we went and hung out at their site and Aly and Abigail came over, we had a great time with them.  The next morning we got a late start and decided to stay another night. We went and explored the park; I went for a 10ish mile hike (not the best for my feet in water shoes, but beautiful). that night the whole group got together again at our sight and Jason and Colleen supplied smoors.   In the morning the sisters headed back to their brothers in Vegas and Jason and Colleen and us headed to Zion. Maybe we will bump in to them again here.   We spent the day exploring Zion and did a little hiking but my feet were a little to rough to do the ones I wanted to do (aka suggestions from Abigail and Aly). 
Tomorrow we head west to where ever.

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  1. Austin & Charlie, These pictures are fabulous!!
    I think that Charlie & I will have to visit this area again some time. Glad things are going good with the van.
    Take care of your feet.
    Love, Jean