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I lied...

It was not down.  We actually climbed 3500 feet into a head wind over 48 miles.  It was a beautiful ride but tough. We met some great people today.  We decided to stop at natural bridges national park and as we got there we met a couple touring on a tandem.  Tim and Jeanie (sorry if I got your names wrong again, I'm beat) were great to talk to and we ended up touring the park with them, 9 mile loop.  They were doing a loop to the grand canyon.  The campground was full and they decided to go in and see if anyone would let them crash.  We talked to ranger Ted and he went and got his jeep and let us put our stuff in it while we explored the park.  The rangers did tell us a spot out toward the main road, park is 4 miles in, to camp so we decided to go there and get a jump on the day.  Our new fiends did get a spot to crash and we did find a good spot to camp. 
It was overall a good day and we were able to refresh our water supply.  64 miles today.  Tomorrow we will likley be stealth camping some where on the climb out of the canyon.

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