Route map

Sorry the map is not updating but if you want to see our progress and atcual route go toBike tour map and click next


Prairie dogs

We got up and had a good breakfast and took some pictures.  We then hit the road saying goodbye to yet another set of new friends.  Soon after leaving we noticed a lot of the fields were littered with prairie dogs but I couldn't get a pic.  We made good time and were in Lamar by lunch.  We called it a day at john Martin state park and dam.  Just before getting there we met Dave, on the road, who is biking for his friend.  His site is at and is fundraising for als.
At the end of the day we did 70 miles.  Tomorrow we will have to decide to push to peublo or stop at ordway.


  1. We were glad you had a good time with Delma and Herbert. They enjoyed you both as well. Good luck on your mountain ride. You continue to inspire us through your amazing journey of meeting so many new people and seeing all the beautiful creations in this country.

  2. Just donated to Touring for Tim: California to Virginia (Fight ALS) Writing away with Everyone should donate to help push them along.