Route map

Sorry the map is not updating but if you want to see our progress and atcual route go toBike tour map and click next


Acceptable route map

Ok so I got this up I think it is fairly clear. Let me know if you think otherwise.

It was done using the Google earth spreadsheet mapper. I will be editing the mapper to suit my needs and will post it if any one wants my version then. Just let me know.

Please take a look and feel free to comment on the route including places I need to visit, I can stay, and any other thoughts or concerns. Thanks.


Route map

So I finally got something posted.  It is not great but it is a start.  As I tweak it I will tell you more but it is based off of This. Check it out if you like. 

As for the current route; only weekly or other stops/check points are labeled, routes are not necessarily determined yet.  I included all family, on route, as stops, if you don't want me to stay with you just say so (I plan to send an email out soon too). 


DIY Rear Panniers update.

So after finishing the front Panniers I decided to change the rears.   I cut them apart sewed the channel around the top for a draw string and added hooks and bungies.

I also added straps to hold them up nice. 

There is no goo way to carry them right now.  I may add a bar across like the fronts have so the a handle can be added.

They worked out really well on the trip up to state college.  Could probably make them deeper anda bit wider but I don't think I will need the extra space.


First long multi day ride with gear!!!

As I mention before I had decided to drive home and bike back to state college with just the stuff that fit on my bike.  This, I still think was a good idea, but boy do I hurt.

Saturday around 11:15 I left home, this was a lot later then I hoped and I paid for it.  I had a lot more to do when I go home Friday then I had expected, or rather it took longer.  First - unpack. This was harder then just dump and run, because my parents are remodeling the bathroom/my room so I couldn't just put it all in there.  Second off, finish up the mods no the rear bags(I guess I should post on that). Oh, my Dad also helped mod a old fanny pack into a handle bar bag.  Third figure out what I was taking and pack it.  So even though I got home at 3 on Friday, stayed up till 11, and woke up at 7 I still didn't leave till 11. Oh well.

So even though I was riding in the middle of a mid 90 degree day the first 25ish miles were not so bad, with a pace around 13mph.  Sounds kinda slow but I had way too much weight on, I really need to get lighter gear(clothing). 
At that point my GPS decided to run out of batteries(lesson- charge batteries before a trip), so there is no track of the trip sorry. :(   Oh I did alter the route from before,  I went 897 instead of 422 and took 501 instead of camp swatara.  camp was really steep and 422 is too busy. 

During that first section I stopped to refill my water bottle from one of the two bladders I brought with(wine bag and camel back) every hour.  My first major pit stop was a grocery store in Bethel at the base of the mountain on 501.  I got a cold drink and a sports drink, I felt I needed some electrolytes.   I then headed up the mountain. Close to the base a man in a truck pulled beside me and asked If I wanted a lift to the top,  I said I was fine.  He then offered water, I had plenty.  I later wished I took his ride but at the time I wanted to do it all.  Thank you sir for asking, next time I will take you up on your offer.
I eventually got tired and decided it was nap time.  I happened along a trail that I pulled my bike into and  then just laid along the trail.  I didn't realise it at first but there was a little shack behind me up the mountain a bit.  looking at a map that was actually one of the Appalachian trail huts.  I wish I knew because it may have been more comfy then the ground.  After about an hour I kept on and made the top. 
After the down hill and a ride through Pine grove I decided to stop and eat, figuring it was the last big town.  I stopped at Buddy's log cabin family restaurant.  They had a little outside portion so I ordered a cheese steak and hung out.   There an older couple came by who said they had just started biking.  They were nice to talk to. The steak was big but I ate it all, which was a bad idea because I started biking right away and didn't feel real great for a bit. 
Molleystown road started off being really nice and I stopped at a creak in the state game lands to freshen up.
After this the road got ugly (really steep).  This hill compared if was not worse then the one on 501.   The only cool part was seeing all of the lifted jeeps and buggys.  I didn't know this until I was at the top but that land is Rausch Creek Off Road Park.   I stopped a lot on that road I mean a lot some times only after 100 yds. 

After that it wasn't so bad, but I was beat.  The goal was, still, to make it close to Shamokin dam so I pushed on.  As it got to be 8pm I started looking for places to set up camp.  I stopped at one spot again to freshen up and maybe camp I brought my water bottle down to cool it of, and while I was washing it must have floated off. I decided it was not a good place to stay and now I no longer had a bottle, but down the road was a Gatorade machine so I got that and it fit. 
I passed a older gentleman sitting on his porch and he waved after two seconds of thought I turned around to ask if he knew a place to set up a tent.   I asked and he went to the door and moaned, his wife came out and said I could set up a tent in their yard.  As it turned out he had a stroke back in 2001 so he couldn't talk anymore, but I talked to her about this and that as I drank some cold water she gave me.  I never did get there names even though she told me she grew up just down the street and that they lived in that house since 57'.   They were very nice and I thank them very much.  I hope this is a showing of how the cross country tour will be. 
Since I didn't have trees to use I used my bike to support the tarps.  I think I will build my actual tent this way. 

After sleeping pretty well I hit the road early and made good time since the temp was nice, 60's.  I actually shivered going down a hill, it felt good.  
In about an hour and a half I made Shamokin dam.
There I got food and water for the day(I drank almost all of it the day before) and some breakfast.  I continued on making time and continuing my stop ever hour practice.  I pushed until Bald Eagle State Forest, where my last sizable hill was.  I climbed a good bit then stopped for lunch and a nap.  After an hour the sun when behind some clouds so I got moving. Near the top was a picnic area and I though the sign was funny, but maybe I was just tired.   
The rest of the ride was large rolling hills, and my legs were shot.  I got to state college around 4pm  and walked my bike through the rollers in town, I decided I was too beat to do the stupid hills. 

Over all my bags worked well, I had too much weight in them, and people were nice.  I got thumbs ups and waves from people driving by, and talked to some other nice people.  Like I said I hope the big trip is the same, just me in better shape and carrying less weight.