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We casually rode 23 miles and 4200 feet to the continental divide today.  It think we built it up so much and the sights were so awesome that it really didn't seem that bad.   We left around 830 and after about the first 10 miles I departed Charlie but we set up radio connection.   I made it too the top at noon thirty and Charlie to my astonishment came in a half hour later.  We sat there a bit and had some lunch at the souvineer shop there.  As it turns out Charlie went down again scraping his need but nothing worse.  
We both got our cold gear on and left for gunnison.  It was a nice ride to the bottom and we made good time eventhough we got rained on a bit.   We are staying at Christine's tonight and had dinner at mike's to benefit the local trail system.   Today I think was one of the best days we have had, there was a lot of everything.  In total we did 72 miles today and 4500 feet. 
Oh yeah I forgot last night we went to a wood fired  pizza place that Charlie said had the best pizza he has ever eaten, so if you get to Salida go to Amicas.

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