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Oklahoma where the wind...

Our amazing host both needed to go to work around 7 this morning but before that we had some breakfast and said our good byes.  We left shortly after they did and began making good time, because the slight wind was in our favor.  We soon got to the towns dam and stopped to check it out.  After going against the wind for a bit it helped us again.  We then were getting close to the Oklahoma line but never came across a sign that said state line but we were greeted by a 40 mph cross wind.  After battling that wind for 5 miles or so we got to Hardesty and got some lunch and called Jacob and Mary-Jane. Their friend Marvin ended up picking us up and I am very happy he did because we would have had 10 miles or so into that wind.  We got back to their ranch and have been enjoying our time with them. 

Sorry I can't publish new pictures currently do to poor service.

Good long day...

We got up about 615 to find our biker pastor friend still at the camp ground, he wanted to leave by 6.  Charlie went over and woke him and he was thankful but not concerned about running behind (his to be wife will wait).  We got ready fairly quick and hit the road by 730 and luckily the wind was calm, but the sky was pink. 
we road through some nice landscapes and over a dam where the water was quite low (lake Meredith) By lunch we made 60 miles and stopped in stinnett for lunch and to make a decision on what to do (get a room here or continue on).  We decided to do another 30 miles to Spearman since we both felt good.  We got there stopped at the hotel and decided we didn't want to pay their rates so we started to explore our options.  It began to look like the lake 10 miles north of town was our best bet and we when to the dollar general got supplys and sat there eating ice cream.  Right as we were getting ready to go, Kristi stopped and asked about what we were doing and we got talking.  She proceeded to get us permission to camp in the town park but asked if we would come meet her husband who works at the bank right next.  We went and met Tindle and were invited to get showers and to join them for dinner.  A friend of theirs,  Verlan, came over (he travels a lot) and we started swapping stories.  We went and got some bbq and took it to go because the storm, oh yeah it started storming, got bad.  At this point they invited us to stay and we spent the rest of the night enjoying the conversation.  I am again amazed how great people are and how lucky/blest we are.   West/pan handle of Texas has been very good to us and I hope to stay in touch with you all. 
Tomorrow we have a 'short' ride to Jacob and Mary-Jane's outside of Guymon, Ok.  We will be leaving Texas but are taking a lot with us. 


2000 evening

We we did have a really good evening.  Scott and Lisa were great relax and swap stories and ideas/knowledge with.  They decided to take the free limo to the big texan but after reviews and seeing the menue Charlie and I decided not too. 
After a bit Charlie went to the desk to get some desert and met biker/pastor Bill.  Before Charlie got back Bill came over and I started talking with him.  It was funny when Charlie for back since they already met.  Bill, 68, is riding is motorcycle to go get married in Oklahoma.  He is a great guy and we talked for a long while and prayed with him before we all went to get ready for the evening.  Tomorrow we have about 55 miles to another cheep motel and we hope to leave earlier again.


Well today we surpassed 2000 miles.  We hit the road at 7:15 and got moving slow with a strong side wind but were steady.  The trip was flat except for a canyon that is apparently the 2nd largest in the states.  It was a pretty good climb but we took it in stride.  Soon after we stopped at a gas station and met some other touring cyclist, they have been riding around Texas since January and have done about 2000 miles as well.  We stopped to get some lunch but neither of our cards worked, luckily we had some cash.  We called and found out there was a hold put on Texas this morning do to fraud, so it was easy taken care of.  We decided then to call it a day at 2 since its 100 out and hit the koa outside of Amerillo, where the couple we met earlier was checking in.  They got a cabin and we intend to go visit and get in the cool.  I may update this later.


Here comes the heat

We got up and had some breakfast and picked up a bit.  Grant had checked our chains last night and told us they needed replaced, I never realized how much a chain can stretch, so we hit the shop in the morning and he hooked us up.  We hit the road about 930 and made plainview by lunch and stopped at
The Nu-griddle cafe which was real cheap, good, and decorated with old cowboy stuff (why didn't I take a pic?).  We finished the day in Tulia Texas at a 40 dollar motel that should be atleast 60.   In total we road 71 miles today. 
Our next place to stay is in guyman ok which will be 2 or 3 days. 


Cap rock

We got up and got some pictures before Ty went to school.  Jona made some biscuits for breakfast and we went to get some jerky and to see the town with Trey, he also took us to see his cow and bull calf.  We ended up leaving around 10 but it was kind of hard too leave.  We climbed the hill out of town and hit the flat and had a tail wind so we made it to Lubbock buy noon.  We met Grant at the bike shop he works at, then went and got lunch till he got off.  We headed back to his place and a bunch of friends came over and we had some steaks and good accompanying grub.
Tomorrow is open ended with the only plan being to head north.  
Oh we did about 42 miles.


Energy highway

Ava made some breakfast tacos and wished us the best.  We again left a great host.  We decided that we would go the 60 some miles to Post instead of the 110 to Lubbock. 
It got really hot today but luckily the wind was not so bad.  We stopped quite a bit but made good time.  The whole way was lined with oil wells and windmills it was kind of unbelievable. Once in post some 67 miles later we stopped at the dollar general and when I got out Charlie was talking to Trey.  He offered to let us stay with his family and we could have his basement to sleep in.  He has a really nice house an family and we spent the evening relaxing  talking, and playing pool.  Trey is amazing he even ran out and got us steaks.
Tomorrow we head to Lubbock.



The gathering at Margaret's was a great success.  Glenda made some really good enchiladas and almost the whole gang was over again.  I was a bad influence for the kids climbing up after them in the tree and doing so barefoot no less but everyone came out ok, but I did need to go up after Jacob and get him down. 
That night it decided to rain spontaneously and we had not covered our bikes but luckily we ended up not much worse for the wear.  we hit the road got some breakfast then met Glenda, Dale, and some of Vincent's kids on the road so they could give us a send off.
It was really nice what they did for us and so good to see their part of the family and how that as far as they are a way, they are definitely family. 

We then headed into the wind and our slowest average we ever did.  By lunch we had only done 22 miles and after another 16 we decided to call it a day in a secluded pasture.  I went for a walk to high ground to find service and came across a couple month old dead steer.  I went on and got a hold of Ava who we were suppose to stay with that evening to tell her we wouldn't make it.  I spent the evening working on the horns (I plan to carve something nice in them, maybe make a powder horn).  We had a really nice evening there and took our time in the morning since we only had 35 miles to go and the wind had subsided.  We got to Colorado city around noon and spent the rest of the day relaxing with Ava.  Charlie mowed her yard and she gave him a massage in return (she is a masseuse and a parametic). 
Tomorrow we head toward Lubbock which is 110 miles if the wind is kind we will do it all else we will probably camp somewhere.



We rode 61 miles and made it into San Angelo.  It was a windy ride but a few times it was to out advantage.  With about 20 miles to go Charlie was struggling to keep up and after 2 or so miles he realized his front tire was getting low.  Again it was a piece of steel belt.  When we got in we stopped at the penny pub where we got some really good steaks and local brews.  We got to Christel's pretty early, before they were home, and set out tents up and sprayed them with some water proofing spray.  We ran out so I made a run to get more that totaled 4 miles and I raced cars the whole way, Haha.  When I got back Stephen stopped in but had to go back to work.  We were then able to get our awesome new tires on (schwalbe marathon plus's).  As we this everyone started to show up; all the Deller's (my mom is 1 of 15 and her brother Jeff's family is mostly here, it is also large) that are in the area came with their families.  It was a little crazy but that's pretty normal and it was a lot of fun and great to see/meet them all.  They bbq'd chicken and made a bunch of food to go with, all real good.  We decided to stay another day partially because Charlie's care package had not arrived yet (still hasn't).  Today we sent some stuff home, found out how nice the new tires feel, and got some more tubes. Tonight the get together is at Margaret's and we will be staying with her tonight. 
Tomorrow we head for Ava's (couchsurfer) in Colorado city, tx.


Stop texting and driving!

After a good nights rest we headed back into llano (we went 2 miles out of our way to camp) and got some breakfast.  Soon after leaving town it sounded like a freight train was coming but we couldn't see any thing, then all of the sudden a car came up beside us on the right in the ditch.  I figured the person passed out or something but when we got to the car she was looking at her phone and said she just pulled off to look at directions.  We should have called the cops but were both just so shocked that we kept riding.  I don't know what really happened but am thankful that what could have didn't.
We ended up riding 70 miles today and are staying behind a little store.  We called a number on the front and they said it would be fine.  We have 59 miles to San Angelo tomorrow.

Ps sorry there arnt any new pics.  I have good service but the internet doesn't want to work well.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be uploading a bunch.


Are we in Texas?

Well as we went to leave Sunday I decided not to because the storm looked worse but ended up not being too bad. We ended up cleaning Phil's gutters, relaxing, then got recruited to help on a new patio of Phil's friend Rennea.  It was their first time doing one and Charlie and I both have installed our share of patios, walkways, etc., so we got them all set up. 
Today we got a fairly early start and made about 10 miles before we had issues.  We both had some shifting issues, and I got a piece of glass in my tire.  By lunch we had climbed some 2,000 feet of hills and rode 33 miles.  We are both shocked at the hills we have encountered, who knew Texas was hilly.  After another 1,600 feet and 41 miles we made it to Llano were the city campground is a buck a person (and the showers are on par with some of the $25 places).  Tomorrow will be open for interpretation but hopefully our luck continues.  Wednesday we should be with some of my cousins in San Angelo.


The Green belt

Charlie spent the day relaxing while I went exploring.  I didn't track it but I probably did some 15 miles a lot of which was single track mtb trails.  I probably shouldn't have but the trails were nice and no apparent harm was done to my bike.  I also got to do a little climbing.  A nice couple (pic girl belaying guy) let me use some shoes and a harness and attempt the 5.11 they were working on.  It was great to get on some rock again.  I am still blown away that such a nice crags, trails, and river can be right in town.  When I got back we headed for the store and got some steaks, potatoes, and veggies to cook for dinner, and it was good.   We were playing leaving tomorrow by ear do to chance of storms but it looks like we should be ok, so I will not be headed out tonight.  Time to get a good nights rest and get ready to ride toward San Angelo.  I think we will probably end up in llano tomorrow.

Austin to Austin

Carol set us up with food to cook for breakfast and direction out (she had to leave real early in the morning).  Once we hit the road Charlie noticed so.ething wrong with his bike.  The spokes had all loosened, which I expected because of how it was laced (just not this fast), so I spent a half hour trueing and properly tensioning his wheel.  After all that we were still on the road around 9 and we had a beautiful overcast day.  We ended up stopping at a burger joint and saw some other cyclist pass by with a support and a camera vehicle, talk about money and the easylife.   As we got closer to Austin I saw a sign saying 24 miles and I told Charlie if there was a 23 we had to stop. There was and now I have a dating profile pic, Haha.  We had been seeing old cars all day and when we got into Austin we found out why, there is a car weekend thing and all of congress ave. is pretty much taken over.  We found a spot whither a table outside and beer and Charlie sat down while I went for a cruise threw downtown.  I got backand  we sat there untill later when we could meet up with Phil.  I think our bikes drew as much attention as the cars and we talked to at least a dozen people.  We met up with Phil and he ran us back to his place which is awesome, hot tub on the roof, and he hooked us up and pretty much gave us free reign.  Charlie stayed in and I when for a long walk down 6th street. The primary section is all of your dance club/bands, crowded bars.  As you keep going west they get more chill and eventually they become straight hipster.  I stopped at 4 places and had a local brew at each.  The one place reminded me of the art dance parties at Alfred, it was crazy.  I probably walked 6 miles or more last night after we did 74 miles plus my 6 mile downtown stroll.  Austin is a nice city and is very bike friendly.  We are still working on what we are doing today.



Jim was kind enough to drop us off at Hockley this morning after we had a good breakfast.  By noon, despite the strong cross wind, we made it to the blue bell ice cream factory where we had ice cream for lunch. Along the way were lots of beautiful country and we had good roads.  We got to Carol's while she was at Spanish lessons but she had gave me instructions on where to go and to make ourselves at home (she thought the time we made was impressive, 60 miles).  When she got back we had a really good early supper and she had another lesson tonight.  She has a nice bunk room that she lived in while she built her house.  Like Perry she does everything and host a lot of people. She has a really nice place including 2 model A's.
Tomorrow we head to Austin and a friend of aunt Anita and uncle Mike's, Phil.

Chasing wheels

The plan was to meet Jim at a bike shop where with any luck we would get a wheel.  It turned out that shop was closed I called another and when we got there they had a wheel but no rotor.  I then called around a whole bunch of shops and we had to go into the city.  This whole time Jim was giving us a tour of the area.  We got to west end bicycles and they had a wheel that would work.  We then headed to Jim's and got to working on getting the bike together.  Soon after we were done Shirley had a good dinner cooked and we spent the rest of the evening talking and telling stories.  Thursday we head to Carol's a warmshowers host. 



We left Don's at 8 and were able to make 60 miles by lunch after stopping in China ( we're fast right), with little excitement.  As we sat eating (blue snowcone) there was an accident. No one was hurt but both cars were not drivable.  The feasco that followed was the best part.  The first responders were there in seconds but multiple other police, fire, and ems vehicles from other areas or private co's soon arrived.  There was also a mad rush made by the tow trucks. There were at one point 4 ambluances, 2 fire trucks and 6 tow trucks at the scene.  This whole time people are cutting threw the gas station parking lot and no one is directing traffic at the intersection.  We were just waiting for another accident.  Luckily this did not happen and it was cleared up after about and hour and we were ready to hit the road again. 
The road was busy but other then a few idiots we had no issues.  On lady told us to get on the sidewalk but I'm not sure where that was, I guess there are invisible sidewalks in Houston. 
We got in and talked with Jim untill sue got home. Sue made a good dinner and we got to relax a bit with them and their friend Jill.  Again we have been blessed with great host.  In total we road 88 miles today.
Tomorrow we are meeting up with another Jim and hopefully getting Charlie a new wheel, it may be an interesting day.


Into Texas

We got a very early start this morning and were making good time untill my tire decided to pick up some steel wire.  After 20 minutes we were back on the road and soon after we were in Texas and being greeted by a yell from a guy in a ten gallon hat.  By 1230 we were close to Beaumont and realized we needed to get on the interstate for a few miles to cross the river.  The speed limit was 75 and luckily the shoulder was large but it was still quite a rush.  We stopped at a bike shop and got some tubes (they didn't have good tires or a wheel).  We then headed toward Don's and stopped halfway there at a deli where we killed time, ordered tires, and figured out tomorrow.  When we got to Don's he was still at work so we did some work on our bikes.    We are now in good shape and did 71 miles today.  It has been nice catching up with Don tonight.
Tomorrow will be 90 ish miles to Jim and Sue's.


Easter Sunday

We took our time this morning and went to the the only place open for breakfast(see pics). We then headed for a campground outside of Ragley, La.  We had a very nice ride untill I saw Charlie's wheel wobbleing again.  We stopped and found another broken spoke.  It took us a half hour but we got it fixed.  It is now however time to get a new wheel; I will be calling shops in Houston tomorrow.  We arrived at our destination around 2:30 but wernt sure.  A guy was pulling out and told us what to do.  The guy who runs Judie Claire's campground, Wilson, is 88 and is quite the character.  He told us there is no charge for bikers. 
After relaxing a few hours we went hunting for food to no prevail, 6 miles with no bags.  In total we did 57 miles today.  Tomorrow we head to my buddy Don's place in Beaumont, tx. 
Oh yeah and Charlie's shoulder is much better today; Don will look at it tomorrow and let us know if there is any serious damage.
Well overall we were able to enjoy our day and have reflected on how good our trip has been and how everyone's prayers must be helping. 



We got up and went to breakfast with George and parted ways.  If you want to see a well written blog see , George is a journalist.
I decided to take a "shorter" route that turned out to be dirt roads.  We got tired of it and took a 10 mile extra to avoid 5 miles of dirt. 
While on that loop I almost hit a turtle and hit the breaks Charlie didn't get to the breaks fast enough hit my bag and went down. He dislocated his shoulder, a nice guy stopped and gave us a ride to the nearest convince store.   There I called Neal and Donny and got the best way to fix it explained to me.  We took care of it and Charlie decided he was good to ride. 
There were lots crawfish farms and the pic is of the boat they use.
We ended up doing 71 miles and are at lake view park. We ended up talking to some of the kids who work here and their friends, and relaxed with them a lot of the evening.  The place is packed but nice. We also met a guy from Colorado, we may visit. A kid came and tried to give us money that his dad said to give us (we must look poor, haha), nice people.  Tomorrow we head down 190 to another camp ground.


Windy crawdad alley

Perry made us sweet potatoes and pancakes for breakfast, both were awesome.  We then got talking about all the work they have done on the property, which is all very well done.  Because I sewed my own bags and tent Perry showed and had me sew on her awesome pfaff machine.  Then we finally hit the road at 10, leaving yet another awesome host(Perry and Lep). They have already had 30 some cyclist this year and have a group of 50 coming next week (they are really amazing).
George did not join us as he was not quite ready to go.
We crossed multiple bridges including one across the Mississippi and road threw loads of small crawfish lakes.  While along a lot of that, there was a strong head wind that really slowed us down but we still completed our 55 miles by about 3.  George got in around 5 and had taken a slightly different route, 60ish miles, and left at about 11.  I was happy to see him and to see that the front panniers we rigged up for him held up.  We will be parting ways with him tomorrow as we will be heading south of the adventure cycling route. 


Holy/holely road

Today started off good with a lot of continental breakfast waffles, and continued in that trend minus a flat and the discovery of broken spokes. 
We had a mix of road conditions from newly paved to the type that will eat your bike if your not carefull, but we did 50 miles before 3 and we even started late.  Right before lunch we found that my tire was going flat and found a small piece of wire in it.
It was decided that we must have seen over 1000 Baptist churches so far and we kind of wish we had a counter. 
When we got to Perry and Lep's they showed us around and I asked about some tools to fix Charlie's wobely back wheel.  Perry happens to have a trueing stand which once set up made me realize the problem was much worse, but we had extra spokes and in no time it was right as rain. 
They built their own house from salvaged wood and it is awesome.  As we road in another tourist road in, George, who just went and visited the big easy.  He had not had front bags on his bike, which can be quite had on it, so Perry hooked him up and we spent the evening riging the rack and the bags on the bike (nothing ever fits right).  We will be riding out with George tomorrow and will likely spend the next 2 days with him untill we diverge from the adventure cycling route.



Two nights ago (the night under the bandstand) neither of us got much sleep because of a bad thunderstorm that lasted all night.  That day we rode 56 miles to Bogue Chitto state park.  It was a fairly nice day and we even went for a swim in the river.  That evening, last night, things changed; from nice to ugly real quick.  The storm was worse then the previous and we were just in our tents.  I didn't know it untill morning but Charlie was fighting with a leaky tent, mine was leaking too but not near as bad, the rain was just that intense I don't think any tent would keep you completely dry.  When we got up it was still raining but we needed to do something.  After making some calls we went to the bath house and found the wash room was free. We got on drying things right away.  By 11 we and our gear were fairly dry but we were very tired. The rain had subsided but it was still very cloudy and I made the decision to head to Amite and get a hotel room, so we can get some rest.  We rode 27 miles today, ate a good dinner, and are relaxing in a room that for our normal is expensive.  Hopefully we get the sleep we need and feel good tomorrow.  Tomorrow we head to Perry's (warmshowers host) outside of Jackson, LA.



David had an eye doc app this morning so we waited for him to get back to see if he would be up to riding out with us, but sadly his eyes were still pretty sensitive to wind.  We started riding along the coast and pretty quickly came across some deep drifts making us have to get off and back on our bikes.   Once of the coast we had a good tailwind and started making good time.  We stopped and a grocery since there wasn't going to be any large towns to stop at and believe it or not they had Lebanon bologna.  By lunch we did 30 miles.  We ended up relaxing there untill 3 (got there at noon thirty) and in that time we talked to 2 great people.  The first one an older guy a bit younger then Charlie (I say older guy because of the shape he is in,  Charlie is still young) that forced me to take 5 bucks from him and said he would keep us in his prayers.  The second was Tripp who was gearing up for a tour like ours when a driver on the phone ran a stop sign and hit him.  He now has a leg an inch shorter then the other but is still working and hoping to do a tour, and I believe he will end up out doing what he would have done (you could see it in his eyes).  He was great to talk to and I think could be an eyeopener/inspiration for a lot of people. 
At the end of the day we rode 65 miles and were caught in the rain looking for a place to stay.  We ended up paying 10 bucks to stay in the bandstand at a redneck rv park.
Tomorrow we get our mail resupply pickup. 


Sitting at the dock of the bay.

Well not for long.  We got up early and hit the road hoping to catch the 9:30 ferry, we arrived at 9:25 after 21 miles of riding.  As it turned out it did not matter because only one ferry was running and it wouldn't be back untill 10:00.  In the mean time we sat at the dock and got talking to a couple who were down from Ohio who are cyclist.  Eventually the ferry arrived and we were off.  While aboard I talked to David, who we are staying with tonight, because he said he might meet us and ride in with us, but he just had vision correction surgery and was not up to it yet.  I actually got hooked up with David through his gf Jessi who will be doing her first cross country tour this summer as well.
The highlight of the sights were some off shore oil rigs and nice water ways while going over some large bridges.
When we got into Biloxi, Ms, we relaxed for a bit and then headed out for dinner at the fillin station (had some raw oysters and met some other friends). 
In total we did 92 miles today and will be doing a short day up to de soto national forest tomorrow.