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Glen canyon

We had a good night and hit the road by 740. It was mostly down hill now but the wind kept it feeling uphill.  We saw lots of amazing sights,  buttes, high cliffs, canyons.  Before noon we hit Hite national park.  We found out Charlie could get a life time national park pass for $10 and he can have guest come in with him, so we saved some dough.  We also stopped in the little store ( hours 11-2, we lucked out) and got some lunch. We spent the afternoon there swimming and relaxing in lake Powell.   We left there at 4 after filling out bottles and climbed part of the way out of the  canyon.  We made it another 14 miles and found a decent place to camp.  60 miles today. Tomorrow should be about 40 miles to the first town we have seen in 3 days. 

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