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Wind, hitching, and running out of space

Well we mad it to Lyman's, but not in the traditional way.  We started out the day and it was fairly windy and after a bit it got really bad.  Soon after we decided to thumb it but it didn't seem to work.  We stopped one time and a jeep drove bye before we got anywhere he cam back.  Brian was a great guy (brit) who really wanted to help but was full up.  We kept on and continued to thumb while riding.  I then realized people may not know what we are doing so the next vehicle we stopped and turned toward.  They stopped.  A nice rv.  Larry and Caroline were great and helped us get our bikes in and gave us some cold water.  At that point we had done 22 miles but it felt like 100.  We then rode with them 25 miles or so to Torrey.   They were headed home to st. George which now as we think of it we should have rod with them.  We are both tired and need a long break.  Charlie is ready to get a rental car or something and just finish it, we may do something of this sort.  A few options are in the works, but for now we are at Lyman's and he said we are welcome as long as we need.

You may notice a bit of a change to the pics.  My first Picasa sight ran out of room so I started another.  The bar across the top is still new photos and the one one the right is all those previous to Utah.  I hope it works, I'm not sure.  Let me know, thanks.

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