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Good ride good water

Wyndham took us up to telluride in the morning where he was volunteering to set up for a film festival.  It saved us 30 miles and a lot of climbing.  After getting some breakfast, and talking to some woman for a bit we hit the road.  It was a beautiful ride probably the best we have seen.  Wyndham had told us about a hot spring outside Rico so we stopped to check it out.  When we got there we got talking to a local guy who kinda takes care of it.  After a bit we decided to stay and we set up camp.   We have had a few visitors all really nice and fun to talk too.  I hope it continues....
We did 28 miles today and a bit of climbing, tomorrow will be about 50 to the yoder's in yellow jacket.  Sorry there are no new pics my service is not good enough..

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