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On the road again...

We decided it was time we better leave before we get too settled in. We had a great time at the Fox's and we were sad to leave. 
Saturday and Sunday Charlie needed to ride but it was too cold and rainy out, so with a treadmill we made him a roller and he worked out to try to get his lungs in shape.
We rode 72 miles today and lost 600 feet of elevation but climbed 3600 ft,  figure that one out.  It was a very pretty ride and it felt really good to get back on the rode. Tonight we are staying at the starlight campground which has a retro theme and has old campers you can rent, we are just tenting.  Tomorrow we head for Salida and the base of the pass.

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  1. Thanks for calling, Austin--it made me feel better and I know Carly was particularly happy to hear your voice. Kisses to you both. We'll be missing you!