Route map

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Mountains and boulders

Monday it ended up raining / snowing all day so we ended up just doing some yoga and relaxing.  Tuesday we headed down to Pikes peak through garden of the gods and we rode the cog train to the top of the mountain at 14110 feet.  When we got to the top it was fairly cloudy but it cleared off just before our train headed down.   We ended up riding 47 miles that day and Charlie struggled a bit ( cold air, altitude).  Today we went down to garden of the gods to check it out closer.  Before we left we did some yoga on the porch.  Charlie really enjoyed the garden and was a lot better today.  We rode 46 miles today.  We may go camp at elevation tomorrow. 


  1. Steve, Tabitha, and I toured Garden of the gods years ago. What fun! Love the yoga pictures. I can't believe how far you've made it in two months. Great job!

  2. OM Goodness...... now I have seen everything! My father doing yoga, not really the best downward dog pose I have ever seen, yet at least he is making a good effort.
    GREAT motivation Austin, keep it going, dad will definitely benefit from his experience with you. And I believe you too are going to benefit from the years of knowledge, wisdom & experience of my Father's, he is a "good egg", maybe a little bit scrambled at times, yet overall a good egg! Love to you both. ENJOY the family time, it is always lovely reconnecting. The photos are FABULOUS and it is allowing me to fall in love with America again. Maybe you two would like to come and tour Australia coast to coast? That would be yet another fabulous experience.
    Melissa (Missy) xoxoxo