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Vegas/Ca here we come

We did meet up with Jason and Colleen and had a really good evening. They planned to do the angels landing hike in the morning and I asked to join. I wasn't sure how my feet would be but I figured with 'good' shoes(cleats out bike shoes) I would be ok. After running out of the park to get some breakfast and riding the shuttle to the trail head, we headed up the 1,000 some feet and 5.4 mile round trip trail. It was amazing and a ton of fun and my feet were great. It took us a lot less time then we expected and we got back and met Charlie at 1. We said our goodbyes (at the latest I intent to see these 2 for the eclipse in 2017) and hit the road. I had got in contact with Abigail and Aly and the were still in Vegas. After we checked in(long line, 'imperial palace'), got some food ('hash house', huge portions) and took a nap we met them to get some drinks. We headed to to fremont street (old vegas), and to a bar called 'don't tell momma'. The lights in that area are pretty amazing and the bar was real cool (the one bar tender could really sing). While there we got talking to a brit who bought us a round because he thought what we had done was very amazing(he is gonna ride with me if I do the UK). We had a really good time out with the girls and I hope too see them again.
Today we went and checked out the car museum in the hotel (it too was amazing) then hit the road after lunch at margaritaville Tonight we are staying in the san bernadine national forest We got in when it was dark and were lucky to find a sight quickly at our second option (first was full, had a bumpy ride up here) Tomorrow we head to aunt Barb and uncle Jerry's hopefully they are home when we get there(they had a golf torny this weekend).
I must note that Vegas was cool (we did not gamble) but the is no way I could spend time there.  I would much rather be out here in the woods.

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