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Climbing day 2?

Christine left for yoga in the morning and we left soon after to go get breakfast.  After a huge breakfast we hit the road slowly, and I soon realized I forgot to get a picture, first one I missed :(.  We made progress through some beautiful landscapes but the wind and our stomachs made it slow.  Luckily we hit the first large obstacle and were feeling better.  We ended up climbing 3 peaks today all with head winds for a total of 3,000 feet of climbing and 65 miles.  We got into Rob's house around 430 and had a drink and talked bikes (he has a couple, 7).   Robyn, Rob's wife, got home and we had a good dinner and desert.  Rob showed me that warmshowers has an Android app now, it is awesome.  Tomorrow we have a 'rest' day (30 miles) heading for Ridgeway.

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