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We were only intending to spend one night at the Fast but it quickly turned into 2 days.    The first morning we set to leave and we filled up the tires and in the process got holes in 2 valve stems using up our two spare tubes.  We decided it was not smart to go with out tubes and it must have been sign we were to stay. 
Mary Jane took me to town to get tubes and Charlie ran to Marvin's to borrow his mower (during the day we arrived we worked on Jake's lawn mower because it needed done but we couldn't get it).  When we got back Charlie began mowing and I helped Jake out.  Later their friend Alejandro came over and him and I built a fence around the garden.  We also milked the calfs and fed the bulls. 
Later that evening I drew up a political comic that Jake had thought up (ill get it up when I can) and we spent the night talking.  They invited is to go to church with them in the morning and we said if it was raining we would but we would need to stay another day (no sense in leaving at noon).  Well the morning came and it was raining so we went to Sunday school and the service which were nice and relaxed that afternoon.  Later on we went to check the east pasture and we found a cow who had been trying to give birth probably since Saturday night, but the calf was backward (bottom first).  We went and got the trailer and tried to load her but had no luck.  So we called the vet and he came out and after quite the wrestling match he got the calf out.  The calf didn't make it, the chances of saving the calf in that situation are slim but getting it out saves the cow.  That evening we worked on the comic some more and heard some more of James poems.  The next morning we hit the road.  It was raining first thing but by the time we left it was nice. The first 3 miles however were not as nice; the dirtroad (kolechie? Sp) was soft and had some clay in it, enough to build up in my fender and bring me to a stop.  I eventually loosened it and spaced it more which allowed me to get out of there.  After that we had smooth sailing and made it into Rolla, Ks some 47 miles away.  We stopped at the one place in town, Archuletta's Burracos were we sat talking to the owner Joe (it was 130 and we were his only patrons).  We road another 18 miles and stopped in Richfield at the united Methodist church and got a hold of the pastor.  We are staying in their fellowship center.  While here we had 4 visitors who came and BSed with us for a long time.  I guess this is what you get in a really small town.   Tomorrow we head to Verlan's parents house in Springfield, Co.  I still can't believe how great our random meeting in Spearman was.  Oh yeah as it turns out Kristi and Tindle's daughter knows/works with sorta, Mary Jane.  What a small world,  its great. 

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  1. Hey Austin & Charlie, So glad you finally have internet service. Don't know why, but the last two post came thru twice. Charlie you will have tons of messages on your cell as people have been telling me that they called and you didn't call back. Call your sister Sherrie. Glad to get caught up on the pictures also. Beautiful countryside. Love Ya. Jean