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Chocolate milkshake... I mean protein shake

So yesterday I was craving chocolate milk but all I had was coca powder ,so I look up how to use it to make one.  It was really good.   Today after mountain biking I decided to have a protein shake.  I have been making these non powder shakes for a while and there great. 
I never measure it out so here is the way I do it:
Equal parts riccotta cheese, cottage cheese
About half that amount of vanilla yogurt.
Some flaxseed oil for good fats. Not needed
Milk to consistency and blend. 
I will often add a peach or just some honey to sweeten of up.

But today I tried the coca powder and some honey and it is just like a chocolate milk shake. 

Too bad I can't one of these on tour.

Oh by the way this is my first post from my phone. So sorry if it isn't pretty.


Long time no Post? - Life on a bike

Ok I know it has been a while, but life has been a little crazy(trying to do too much at once). Since my last post I: lived off my bike for 2 weeks, was home for a week, then headed up to Alfred for my first week of my last semester of undergrad.

So 2 weeks on a bike commuting 15 miles or more depending on where I decided to set up camp that night. Not bad right? Well sorta. The first few days were ok, but riddled with not sleeping well. The first nights camping alone every noise sounds like the boogie man coming to get you, or maybe just BooBoo.  But either way it does not lend nice to getting a good night sleep. 
Then I helped a buddy move and crashed at his place, thanks again Rich, 
but we drank quite a bit.  To follow that a really hard night of drinking at Eat Me's birthday party.  maybe I'll be ok I'm young right. 
Well I thought so.  The next night was fine.  The following evening was a NVHHH trail, I set camp up before trail near the start.  during trail it down poured.  I had lots of Hashers asked me if I wanted to stay with them but I figured this was part of learning for the trip.  That night was actually fine once I dried off. 
On trail some one had abandoned and trashed a campsite.  After cleaning it up, from this I took a rain fly and ground tarp which over the next week I made into a nice tent.  I'm sorry I don't have a pic right now.  
The rest of the week had scattered storms but I was lucky to never ride in one and camp was always set up before it rained.  Friday around 2 pm  I started to head home I got to the spot I had plan on in only (37mi) Bald Eagle state forest and enjoyed my extra time before dark.  I slept the best I had for those 2 weeks that night, but I woke up exhausted.  I didn't get on the bike till 9:30ish (7 would have been more like it), and riding was just tough. 
After 40ish miles I got to Shamokin Dam and decided to call it.  I called my dad up and about 2 hours later he picked me up.  I hate that I did this, but at that point I wanted to be home and if I kept going I would have gotten hurt.  On tour I would have taken a day off but I didn't really have that option. 

The last two weeks have been a lot of packing unpacking driving and socializing with friends (drinking), and not so much riding.  After my ride yesterday I could taste alcohol in my sweat.  I am done drinking heavily maybe done entirely.  It would not be the first time I stopped, but it looks like it is again necessary. 
I have a lot to do and a lot of riding to do before I can do this trip. 

I also got a new smart phone while I was home.  I should be posting this on my phone to practice but I am not.  It is taking some time but I think i am figuring it out.  I will hopefully be able to post and update a map with my route as I go.  which is pretty awesome. 

I think that is all for now.  Hopefully I can keep up to date with this more now again, and get some ride maps up as test.