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Trip over?

Well we made it to Aunt Barb's and Uncle Jerry's Sunday afternoon and have been relaxing and working on the van since.  We put new breaks drums and breaks on and a new valve cover gasket in (now I can stop and don't leak oil).   Aunt Jean is flying out the 13th and I will likely leave before that.  My trip is not over as I will be driving up to Or.  I intend to stay there and start research for a month or so before returning home for a month or so.   The plan is then to drive and climb across the country with my good friend Erik.  In other words the travels do not end and I hope they never do.  We are right now working on how many miles we did.  Once calculated I will post and post a reflection on the trip.  Thanks everyone who followed and kept us in your prayers.  I intend to continue to use this as an outlet to document my trips so don't worry there will be more to come, just maybe not as frequently.

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